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Software Engineer

People have a right to clean air. The first step to that is knowing what you breathe, second is understanding what affects your health and third is to be equipped with the right tools to clean it. uHoo provides you the knowledge about the air you breathe and gives you data and insights on how it affects your health. Once there are issues, uHoo can gives you solutions on what you can do to change your habits and also automatically switch on smart purifiers or dehumidifiers or automatically opens the window or adjusts your air conditioning systems to clean the air.


Software Engineer focused on backend development. You will be working together with uHoo's CTO and engineers (both backend and frontend) to develop and test new features and ensure they are properly deployed. Once deployed, you would also need to work with the team to ensure proper maintenance and address any issues that may arise.


  1. Familiar with NodeJS, MySQL and MongoDB, RESTful APIs, OAuth 2.0
  2. Experience with version control software such as Git and SVN, and able to collaborate with team to manage and co-develop code base
  3. Experience with server-side scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, and Python
  4. Experience with AWS (preferred)
  5. Proficient in using Linux/Ubuntu as deployment (preferred)

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