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Country : Hong-Kong
  • Full-time

PRIORITY HIRE - Communications Manager

Quixotee is an on-demand video streaming service designed to provide high-school students access to our high-quality knowledge lectures and past paper solutions at any time. With a structured knowledge path and high diversity of videos selection, we empower students to master any subjects even at 2am.



Quixotee is revolutionizing education. We believe that in the future, students will learn and master anything  on the internet through pre-recorded video lectures. We imagine school teachers taking up the role of personalizing education through identifying students' strengths and weaknesses, and answering students' questions in an interactive manner. 


Quixotee is an engineering company working on next-generation solutions for education. We believe in something different:

-       We believe how we deliver knowledge (from design to user experience) is as important as the quality of knowledge that we deliver.

-       We want to provide the finest education for everyone, anytime anywhere.

-       We believe that nothing is more important to a civilization than a well-educated society.

-       Our innovation doesn’t stop on a technical level, we reimagine the way education is being conducted.

-       We believe that people who keep learning throughout their whole life are the ones who move the world forward.


Our communications team go above and beyond to tell our stories and communicate our core values everywhere effectively in this world of noises to drive awareness and usage. We are looking for a Communications Manager dedicated to skillfully implementing our communications strategy and communicating what is it that we stand for. As the core hire of our Communications Team, you will be a generalist who works with our key agency partners to communicate our message and drive usage through marketing, public relations, and branding as we continue to push humanity forward.



  • Liaise and lead major relationships with our key agency partners in marketing and public relations.
  • Devise groundbreaking and risk-taking PR strategies with our agency to drive usage.
  • Develop and implement engaging marketing strategies across all channels to optimize discoverability and drive usage. Ensure our brand is associated with our core values mentioned, and a consistent brand identity across all customer touchpoints.



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